Coin Collections

Are you looking to buy or sell coins?  Are you unsure who to go to for this?  After many years of helping heirs liquidate and value their coin collections, Susan Eisen wanted to learn more about coins and in 2008 she took the course entitled "Coin Conservation, Authentication, and Grading" from the American Numismatic Association.  Since then, many people have brought her their coins to value and liquidate so the money could be used for other things.

Being a jeweler, she is very knowledgeable about the gold and silver bullion markets, and she can help you decide what kind of investment you would like to make in coins. Kindly call her and schedule an appointment for her to discuss your coins with you and she will advise you on what to do to satisfy your needs.

Almost every estate has coins that were left for heirs, but what should be done with them?  Appraising coins can be very expensive and if you try to be a "do it yourself" coin appraiser by looking online, you will definitely not get the right information unless you know exactly what to look for and verify the sold prices.

Susan Eisen offers coin liquidation for estate purposes and heir distribution, so call her to set an appointment and come in so we can sell your coins for you.  

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20 Pesos Coin
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