Lifetag LIFETAG 2-Tone Magnetic Bracelet with ID Slide

# 342735

Lifetag LIFETAG 2-Tone Magnetic Bracelet with ID Slide

# 342735

Magnetic therapy increases the blood flow to the area it is placed, increasing circulation, thus speeding healing and reducing pain and inflammation. It has been linked to benefit persons with medical conditions ranging from arthritis to fibromyalgia. What a perfect way to feel better and be medically identified at the same time. It is a double benefit that could also save your life.

The size of all the bracelets can be adjusted similar to that of a watchband.
Bracelet sizes 9"+ require an additional $20 surcharge

Note: Be cautious when using magnetic devices during pregnancy. Gold prices may fluctuate based on market conditions.

Stylish gold and stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet with our LIFETAG Diabetes Medical IDs.

Product Details

Name LIFETAG 2-Tone Magnetic Bracelet with ID Slide
Stock Number 342735
Type Bracelet

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LIFETAG Medical ID is the innovator and inventor of the LIFETAG Stick-On Medical ID!

If you have a medical condition and don’t want to advertise it to the world, LIFETAG Medical ID has the products for you.

From car decals to key chains, shoe tags to stick-ons and an assortment of fashionable and attractive jewelry, our products can alert the medics in an emergency situation.