Continuing education is what makes the difference in the quality of the jeweler you are using.  Because things are changing so fast in the jewelry, watch and gemstone world, Susan Eisen continues to be educated on an annual basis to be sure that she is giving you accurate advice.  Here are photographs of some of the classes she has taken.

Education IMG 1199

Susan Eisen attending a watch seminar lead by one of the leading watch organizations.

Education Watch class 001

Susan Eisen attending a three day class on pocket watch and wristwatch appraising
with other national jewelry appraisers.

Education His

Susan Eisen attending the Harvard Business Seminar with only 450 other
professional members of the jewelry industry in attendance.

Education Se Has

Susan Eisen taking the time to get advice from the Harvard Business Seminar
professor about innovation in her jewelry store in El Paso.

IRS 42719 006

Attending an appraisal seminar at a national appraisal conference on the IRS requirements
for charitable, donation, and gift tax appraisals and speaking directly to the
IRS attorney's representative about an issue regarding fair market value.

SE Education 060719

Continuous learning from the Gemological Institute of America on new
developments in gemstone identification and treatment is something Susan Eisen
enjoys in order to give the best up-to-date information to her customers.

SE Education060719

Speaking to the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
representatives about new developments in watchmaking and repairs.

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